Why should gay women discriminate themselves? And feel proud of it. For the purpose of being looked at in the future.

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Miss Gay Finland highlights discrimination in health care
23-year-old Iina Karinen was crowned Miss Gay Finland on Friday. She says doctors have refused to treat her MS because of her homosexuality.

Manuel Humberto: What does her physical beauty have to do with her sexual orientation? In a contest designed to evaluate beauty, and beauty only, "Miss Gay Finland 2018" has exactly the same value as (would) "Miss Orange-Juice-Lover Finland 2018". Morons.
"Morons" for attributing special importance to the sexual orientation of the participants, thus defeating the purpose (I imagine) behind the contest. Do regular "Miss Finland" participants need to check a "heterosexual" box before parading? Unlikely.

Domanik Sabrus: Sad that you didn't make the quarter finals honey?

Manuel Humberto: Yes darling, lest the pride for one's sexual orientation spreads onto everyone. You don't suffer from the illusion that the sense of pride you take from being gay is norm, do you?

Michiel Terlouw: Manuel Humberto, where in the article does it say that this is a beauty contest?

Manuel Humberto: What's the dressing up and the pageants for? See who could eat 10 kilos of peanuts without hands in under 5 minutes?

Michiel Terlouw: Manuel Humberto, according to their website, the competition "aims to show the beautiful variety of LGBTQ women." I assume this sets it apart from a traditional beauty contest, in which variety is usually not celebrated much. But, you know, I could be wrong. It doesn't really matter either way, because you have made up your mind and just want to rage a little bit.

Manuel Humberto: Michiel Terlouw, no one's raging. The title doesn't speak of LGBTQ, only of the G. It says Miss Gay Finland 2018. That means a lesbian female pageant won the Miss Gay Finland's 2018 edition. Can you tell me how is the (either) lesbian or heterosexual attribute of a woman relevant to her looks? Note that if Iina Karinen had won the Miss or Mr Transgender Finland 2018, it would make some sense having a beauty contest only for those specific participants. The number people interested in humanoids with cocks parading as women is (I imagine) very very small.

Michiel Terlouw: Manuel Humberto, sorry, but if someone types "morons!" in their very first contribution, I cannot shake off the image of them hitting their keyboards furiously.
The LGBTQ part comes from their website. Maybe the labeling is a little confusing, but I'm not an expert. Sometimes a term can have a narrow/specific meaning and broad/generic meaning the same time. Could this be the case here? I honestly don't know.
Nevertheless, if they rebranded it "Miss LGBTQ Finland", would the contest *then* get your blessing? Not that anyone needs it, but I'm just curious.
I think perhaps you're focused too much on the biological appearance of the women who compete? From what I've understood (from the article, and a few bits of English info on the website), it's as much, or even more, to do with personality, charisma, etc. Also, from some of the photos I saw, I think some of the contests have a make-up and hair style that you don't often see at the (dare I say hetero-normative) Miss Finland. I think this might be one aspect (more variety in and appreciation for one's personal style) in which this contest sets itself apart.

Manuel Humberto: I understand your first paragraph (entirely), but can assure you the use of "morons" is that of a common interjection.
I am not an expert on LGBTQ either, but we don't need to be as most of it is gibberish. Sexual orientation, that which people have absolutely no control over: we're either heterosexual (natural, the norm), gay (natural, atypical), or bisexual (natural, also atypical). And that's it.
Gender, biological trait, that which people have absolutely no control over, inferred from sex, unrelated to sexual orientation: we're either male or female. And that's it.
This isn't very complicated and cares naught for any special celebrations. (I don't see many parades of heterosexuals feeling proud of their heterosexuality.) Before crying discrimination (which I'm sure exists) maybe lesbians and (male) gays should start seeing themselves more naturally and behave accordingly ...

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