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Wednesday, 16 May 2018 · Posted in

What’s The Opposite Of Diversity? University.

Good message, as any condemning leftist lunacy, but (perhaps) a wrong title.
Logically speaking: Just like 'João Pinto' is equal to 'João Pinto', 'Vaginity' meets (is equal to) 'Vaginity'. That is because V matches V, A matches A, G matches G, I matches I, and, so forth. For the same reason(s), 'Versity' meets 'Versity'. Likewise, the match between Di-Versity and Uni-Versity requires that 'Di' is equal to 'Uni'. But 'Di' isn't equal to 'Uni'. Thus, 'University' and 'Diversity' do not meet. This is to show that unlike 'João Pinto and João Pinto', and unlike 'Vaginity and Vaginity', 'Diversity and University' are different words. The fact they're written differently (with the use of different letters) is often a symptom that we're in the presence of different words. So far so good: We've established that they're different. But, more than different (not equals), are they at odds (in opposition to each other)? Let's investigate. Looking at their prefixes ('Di' and 'Uni') the opposition would exist if, and only if, 'Di' were to oppose 'Uni', with 'Uni' meaning 'One'. For the sake of argument let's concede that if 'One' were to oppose 'Many', and if 'Many' (in quality) is equal to 'More than One', then 'Two' being 'More than 'One' is in opposition to 'One'. This is logically flawless. So, if 'Di' (Two) opposes 'Uni' (One), then 'Diversity' and 'University' could in fact be opposites. However, they can't. Why? Because Latin for 'Two', or 'Twice', is 'Bis'. It isn't 'Di'. 'Di' is Greek. 'Bis' is Latin. Hence, the opposite of Diversity (Greek prefix), would be Monoversity (Greek prefix), and not University (Latin prefix). Correspondingly, the opposite of University would be Biversity. However, if Uni — One, if Bi — Two, as in Biannual, as of happening ‘Two’ times each year, or Bicycle (against Unicycle), or Bilateral (against Unilateral), where does Dilemma (Double bind) come from? Or where does Dioxide (Two atoms of oxygen) come from? This may need further examination.

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