That innate information specifying our structures and functions, including the limit to our capacities: Genes.

Saturday, 19 May 2018 · Posted in

Imagine that I, or you, or we, Average Joes, or Captain Average in case you're proud, were to say: If I worked hard enough, if I wanted it bad enough, if I really put my 'soul' into it, I could be just as good as Sócrates, the real one, Brasilian footballer, not the Athenian. Alternatively: I could hit just as hard as Klitschko, if only I had been given the right opportunities, or become just as tall as Yao Ming, or as suggestive as Rosanna Arquette, or as attractive as Diana Ross. Would we be talking sense?

It isn't any different for intelligence, a trait / a capacity fully traceable to genes, just like any other. Does that mean environment (i.e., everything outside our skin) is irrelevant? On the contrary: environment will to a large extent determine how that potential expresses itself.

Educational romanticism consists of the belief that just about all children who are not doing well in school have the potential to do much better.

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