Lying and Evil

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In 'Spirlaw — living faith in the secular world', Robert E. Sylvester writes:

“Notice that in Peck’s words he says that those who pursue evil do so rather than extend themselves to grow spiritually – in effect, to mature and take on a healthy wholeness.
The root of evil is, it seems, faithlessness – a disregard for God.
When you think about it – he is describing (in the extreme) people like Stalin, Hitler, Mao and others – those who are godless and treacherously sick. Yet, people as people can easily submit to lying and evil.”
It isn't rare to find intelligent men (such as Robert Sylvester) having to lie in order to profess the truth or mere usefulness of their delusions (religious beliefs). If we wished to condemn secularism, secularism which usually walks hand in hand with atheism, we could effortlessly relate it (for example) with atom bombs, or with several other scientific undertakings that are harmful to this planet. That is because science can only thrive where religion is pushed back. But secularism has any such thing to do with Stalin, or with Hitler. Stalin, or Hitler, just like every other form of slaver(y), cult, and stupidity, are in opposite fields of knowledge and reasoning. Thus, they're not secular.

No more case needs building.

“The root of evil is, it seems, faithlessness – a disregard for God.”
If you ever wonder why in Western countries religiously affiliated ONG are usually on the forefront masturbating Islam, you need to look no further. More than worshipping the same god, Christians are natural allies of those who believe in (any) gods. Hardly a mystery, while it's certain that Christianity isn't growing, Islam is expanding at an alarming rate. Christians, generally speaking, find it welcoming. Seeing its predatory tendency (outside the Islamic world) and established roots (in the Islamic world), Islam is for some time the biggest single threat to this planet. Its roots connect to the human mind, and to the way individuals perceive belief. Christianity's roots have become weak: Most Christians, especially Catholics, consume nowadays religion in the same way they consume porn, or cartoons. It's something that is there, but on the individual level isn't all that important. Still, in our societies, the need to wash away these Abrahamic cancers isn't diminished by the loss of meaning to the individual (Christianity), but reinforced by the rise of their significance as a whole (Islam).

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