Groups and Group Identity, recipe for personal decline and societal disaster

Wednesday, 2 May 2018 · Posted in

Illusion of invulnerability, collectivism, belief in inherent morality (infantile self-righteousness), direct pressure on dissenters, self-censorship and illusion of unanimity.

Making groups by definition dangerous bodies and group identity a form of pathology, irrespective of the values appointed by the group or the attributes singled out to rally an identity / identities. Groups claim to care deeply for value(s), morally (goals) or otherwise, and unless we're speaking of sociopaths, groups will tend to want to adopt good values, or values perceived as such. Once adopted, 'good' in the form of we and ours, not as good or 'bad' in the form of they and theirs.

1) Properties (features): Properties are by definition neutral (e.g., gender, height, sexual orientation, weight, skin-colour).

A) Moral values (goals): Values are not neutral (e.g., reconciliation, hostility, sorrow, compassion, guilt, peace).

About A): 'To value' and 'Values'. What we value is called 'values'. Interchangeably, 'values' is what we value. In a moral sense what we value and doesn't exist in a physical form. It isn't a complicated term. Groups can be formed around properties (features), but groups can only value what is tangible, measurable, observable, or else any attempt to drive one around the X, Y or Z values succumbs. Go out there and try to find, attach yourself to or form a group that values truth, honesty and dignity? You cannot, as those things are recognisable but are not quantifiable. Now go out there and try finding a group that values the colour of your skin (whatever that may be), the country you were born in (whatever that may be), the religious group your parents appointed your belonging to (whatever that may be), your gender (female or male), and, you get the point.

Wanna grow up? Leave the group. “As soon as you get a bunch of people together, no matter how truthful they are as individuals, instantly the crowd is not a truthful thing.”

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