Religious believers need freedom to exercise their delusions in the privacy of their homes, no arguing there, but they're also in need of regular mental check-ups just like any other delusional folk, irrespective of nature. Mental health isn't a joke and should be taken seriously.
Prager might also wanna meditate upon the differences between faith and belief. Faith can be many things: Faith in goodness, humanity, friendship, cooperation, a bright future, decency. None of which relating to religion. A belief on the other hand isn't abstract but rather concrete, as the name self-evidently suggests. And religious belief isn't the exercise of wishful thinking, something which properly framed can actually be good. A religious belief is the announcement of knowing something which believers cannot obviously know: The existence of a God and that such God speaks / has spoken through revelation.

Only loons and / or brainwashed individuals hold such beliefs. Only pathetic and arrogant loons expect to be taken seriously for it.

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Friday, 18 August 2017



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