No que ao Sporting respeita: Inaugurado em Março de 2011, encerrado em Maio de 2014, reaberto sob o mesmo nome mas diferente endereço em Agosto de 2016, é este um pequeno e doméstico espaço onde se olha o passado, o presente e o futuro da maior potência desportiva Nacional.
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Religious believers need freedom to exercise their delusions in the privacy of their homes, no arguing there, but they're also in need of regular mental check-ups just like any other delusional folk, irrespective of nature. Mental health isn't a joke and demands to be taken seriously.
Prager might also wanna meditate upon the differences between faith and belief, very different bottles often mistaken for one and the same.
Faith can be many things: Faith in goodness, humanity, friendship, cooperation, a bright future, decency. None of which relating to religion.
A belief on the other hand isn't abstract but rather concrete, as the name self-evidently suggests. And religious belief isn't the exercise of wishful thinking, something that properly framed can actually be good. A religious belief is the announcement of knowing something which believers cannot obviously know: The existence of a God and that such God speaks / has spoken to them through revelation.

Only loons and / or brainwashed individuals hold such beliefs. Only pathetic and arrogant loons expect to be taken seriously for it.

Different bottles mistaken for one and the same.

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Friday, 18 August 2017



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