No que ao Sporting respeita: Inaugurado em Março de 2011, encerrado em Maio de 2014, reaberto sob o mesmo nome mas diferente endereço em Agosto de 2016, é este um pequeno e doméstico espaço onde se olha o passado, o presente e o futuro da maior potência desportiva Nacional.
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Originally meant to keep women and the female sexuality under the control of retrograde groups of tribal Middle Eastern men driven by sexual impulses, the creators of the fairy-tale and novels called God failed to foresee that the dysfunctional sociopaths obsessed with sexuality would savagely turn their attention to children. It's only natural and that's what God was also invented for. Sadly, feeding an enormous engine so powerful that is capable of making these crimes seem almost conventional, with or without realising it, the common women and men sharing silly religious beliefs are to an extent naive accessories in the commission of these abuses. Less naively, I feel tempted to presume that a majority of folks infected by religion and by churchery find them more excusable only for the reason they're committed by clerics. I am in fact certain of that. Your militancy, prayers and sermons help supplying this perverse sodomitic empire with the oxygen it needs to subsist. I know I wouldn't be capable of carrying that weight in my consciousness, but I truly hope that you can.

What the Catholic Church doesn't recognise as sodomy.

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Thursday, 20 July 2017



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