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Once religion isn't a civil right, such as voting, but a nearly hereditary trait, the hypothesis of having a minimum age to choose a religion is at best unrealistic (link). Don't mind 'hereditary' too much—rather the fact it isn't a right. We can almost drop religion onto the same category of personal names and nationalities, a group of characteristics determined before we are born. As such, given 99.9% of the religious horde shares, from birth, the belief system of their progenitors, without having a word in the process, unless we were to tell what people should or shouldn't do in the privacy of their homes, there isn't a way to prohibit the acquiring of a religious faith before any given age. (A way that I can think of, that is.)

On a different perspective, the hypothesis of having a minimum age to choose a religion would be the same as asking: 'What do you reckon is the best time of your life to have one from the following five: i) breast, brain and throat cancer (simultaneously, for Islam), ii) HIV or malaria (Christianity), iii) Ebola (Hinduism), iv) herpes and meningitis (Judaism), or v) extreme bad luck and a chronic toothache (for the Amish, Scientology and smaller groups of the sort). Anytime is evidently the wrong time.

One of the few certainties we have is about the parents of the children being indoctrinated: They're bad parents. We don't need to be polite about this: They're bad parents. Presenting a religious belief to infants who will necessarily accept it as truth, taking the word of their parents as children always do while their own brains haven't yet matured, is something only bad parents do.

There's no choosing religion—only fighting it.

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Sunday, 2 July 2017



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