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On November 2, 2004, aged 47, Theo V. Gogh was barbarically murdered in broad daylight, in Amsterdam, for the short film Submission (2004) he produced with Somali-born writer and activist (ex-Muslim) Ayaan Hirsi Ali. This documentary highlighted the disgraceful and outrageous abuse of Muslim women by Muslim men in Europe. Mohammed Bouyeri, second-generation Dutch-Moroccan Muslim, slit Van Gogh's throat and attempted to decapitate him before stabbing his chest killing him on the spot. Attached to Van Gogh's body, a letter was left behind promising a similar fate to Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

13 years passed, we should question whether any lessons were learned from the event. While Islam's inherent oppression and objectification of women remain two of the most evident calls for many Muslim men living in and outside the Islamic world, many Europeans not only fail to recognise it but keep satisfying and appeasing an abominable ideology and religion. Simultaneously, some of those who do recognise it and revolt, rise up against the wrong targets.

“One should not evoke violence by acting fearful.”
— Theo Van Gogh, [b: 23 July, 1957, The Hague; d: 2 November, 2004, Amsterdam]
“With some friends, you don't need enemies.”

“One should not evoke violence by acting fearful.” — Theo V. Gogh

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