The Blades, famosos pela produção de aço, a mais forte equipa em Inglaterra e a 3ª mais consagrada no planeta, depois do Sporting de Francisco Stromp e de Jorge Vieira (em 1º), e de um clube do Uruguai que já não existe (em 2º). É neste estádio que o Sheffield United FC hoje joga, Bramall Lane, o mais antigo recinto em actividade no mundo. Num planeta sobrepovoado, sobre-lotado, para construir frequentemente destrói-se, quando o verdadeiro progresso deveria conservar, no lugar de construir. Apesar de valentes, Fancisco Stromp e Jorge Vieira teriam provavelmente esmagado estes rapazes ... históricos, magníficos, capitaneados pelo internacional Inglês Ernest 'Nudger' Needham, at the Lane.
Instruções para o público, em 1907:

Don’t think because you are on the stand you have a right to shout instructions to players. They know what to do without any assistance from you.

Don’t boo at the referee because he gives a decision which you think is wrong. He has his opinion as to what happened, and his opinion is surely worth as much as yours.

Don’t commence shouting ‘Send him off’ if one of the opposing team happens to commit a foul on one of your pet players. Would you shout the same thing if the positions were reversed, and one of your own side had committed the offence?

Don’t make yourself a nuisance to those around you by continually bellowing at the top of your voice, it gets on peoples nerves and takes away a lot of the enjoyment of the game, besides making yourself look ridiculous. Don’t snap your neighbours nose off because he thinks differently to you. You have come to see your side win, and he has perhaps come to see the others.

Don’t get excited and bad tempered when you argue about this player and that. It does no good in the end, and only breeds bad feeling, and spoils your enjoyment of the game.

Da colecção Mitchell e Kenyon, at the Lane

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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

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