Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Conteúdos de interesse mas dispersos: tentativa falhada de entrada nos mundos da Dança e do Ballet e algum DB Z. Referência a Jürgen Klopp.

Mensagem censurada ou não aprovada num excelente e muito simpático internacional grupo dedicado a: ❥Sharing the DANCE & BEAUTY !! Beautiful Rhythmic Gymnastics, Court Dance, Flamenco, Contemporary Dance and Ballet.

Manuel HB: Hello dancers. A week or so late thank you plenty for accepting me  into your group. Let me explain to you why I have joined:
(The following is of little interest so feel free not to read - I would - and feel free to delete these remarks once and if you've read them.)
I am not a dancer. I can dance, hypothetically at least or could dance if I so wished, with or without too much learning involved, and I'm not even a consumer of dance. But I would very much like to become one (consumer of dance). I enjoy following events such as the ones exhibited by the image on the top of your page, Olympic or same natured gymnastics contests or exhibitions on which girls and women - I do not follow men gymnastics as aesthetics are dear to me - the athletes, interpreters, are (I suppose) "dancing", gracefully twisting themselves to some effortless and natural extent jumping with beauty and moving all while smiling, "gymnasticing"?
The terms are difficult to grasp for an ignorant as I do not distinguish between what women do at those events and, as example, ballet. The very same goes for "dance" resembling the one displayed on the image of L'alfabeto della Danza's photo, a couple of boxes below this one. It isn't evidently gymnastics though it might require the same levels of elasticity, talent, composure, balance and rhythm. And it isn't ballet either, is it?
So I guess the step at this point would be to ask: what is someone like myself supposed to be looking at? The same way I cannot tell the difference between a couple of blokes jumping off a board onto a swimming pool as their jumps, controlled fall and splash look exactly the same to me, when they're not, reason why the judges attribute higher scores to one relatively to the other, on the gymnastics carpet everything every girl/woman does looks exactly the same to me. Likewise, in ballet. What is a good ballerina relatively to a not so good ballerina? Not theoretically but looking at what they're doing while they're doing it.
Dancers, this is the reason why incredibly eye-catching moments like dancing and ballet and gymnastics aren't massively followed by the public as they perhaps should be. It's great to watch for 5 minutes but suddenly you realise that you don't actually know what you're looking at.
Please don't feel forced, out of sympathy, to answer. I am not asking questions. Or I am but at the same time I am not.
Also,  I really do enjoy dancing, especially looking at images and pictures most and unfortunately as whenever watching on the TV the focus of interest, as I have explained, disappears away a bit too rapidly. Does this make sense? -- Manuel HB

"Through Vegeta Being: Identity in the Saiyan Diaspora" -- Vincent Marocco


  1. Sou fã ginástica rítmica, e vejo, regularmente, ginástica de aparelhos, uma vez que pratiquei o boque durante uns anos. Os saltos para a água tem que ver com a distancia a que mergulham, de cabeça, para a borda da piscina. E com o nº de piruetas que conseguem dar ... mas há vrtentes em que não é precisa acrobacia, precisam apenas, de mergulhar (tronco a 90 graus) a 3 metros das bordas. Qualquer centimetro mais longe ou perto é penalizado, e qualquer desvio no "tronco" é penalizado.

    1. "O boque" tem um som um bocadinho assustador. Nas aulas de ginástica, nos tapetes, ainda se fazia qualquer coisa muito útil. O boque era só mesmo perda de tempo ...


    Ela aí faz dupla pirueta. Eu só fazia uma porque depois deixei de treinar. E a entrada dela é bastante veloz, não se deve aproximar com tanta velocidade da 1ª fase do salto.